Today: Prayer Rally for Purity

July 1, 2014

Of all the problems faced in today’s culture, one of the most devastating is rampant impurity. Pornography is ubiquitous, children are sexually active, TV and movies are filled with explicit scenes, the contraceptive mentality reigns, and the list goes on.

And despite popular opinion to the contrary, these sins are never private. How we think about sex affects every human relationship we have—for if we believe that people are objects for our own gratification, we will treat them as such. This is evidenced by collapsing marriages, sex trafficking, child molestation, a “rape culture” on college campuses, and millions of abortions each year.

It is easy to complain about this cancer of impurity, but it is another thing to do something about it. Well, I am happy to announce that faithful Catholic men’s groups from around my home state of Wisconsin are doing more than talk. They have banded together to launch an effort called the Prayer Rally for Purity.

As the name implies, the Prayer Rally for Purity is designed to combat the culture of impurity, and ultimately, the culture of death to which impurity inevitably leads.

Today, at 3pm, the Hour of Mercy, men across America (and hopefully around the world) will join in prayer against the culture of impurity, offering reparation and asking God to cleanse us of our sins and to establish within all of our hearts a great devotion to chastity according to our state in life.

I invite all of you to pause at the Hour of Mercy today to pray that God would have mercy on us and purify our culture. If time allows, you could pray a Rosary or chaplet of Divine Mercy for these intentions.

To learn more about the prayer rally, visit

Sam Guzman


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  1. Frank says

    We laity brothers of the passion of Christ of Sanctuary House since 1985 offer our lives daily for unrepenting sexually sinning men worldwide..each brothers life is offered for 5000 men to be be saved from hell thru Our Lady ipof the Flowers (souls) of sanctuary house okayed by our bishop and considered “Admirable” by Cardinal Pell .. More info as to this Briotherhood will be given just contact: [email protected] or our site: .. Or call 518 364-619 we are based in NYS.


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