Fraternitas: Countdown to Launch Day

June 22, 2015

5438247490_867a1fa96e_bFor the past two weeks, I’ve been sharing details on the launch of my new men’s society, Fraternitas (see here and here). To review, Fraternitas is a community for men offering you the opportunity to build you Catholic library with a high quality monthly book, meet other Catholic men through online discussion forums, the ability to form local chapters for fellowship, and the chance to learn new skills through monthly webinars with Catholic leaders.

After the initial announcement, about 800 of you signed up as interested in Fraternitas! Including email list subscribers, there are approximately 3,100 of you eligible for sign up. Remember, launch day is on June 27th, the feast of our Lady of Perpetual Help. That’s only 5 days away, so today I want to share some final launch day details.

Limited Memberships Available

I’m initially launching Fraternitas with limited memberships. There will only be 100 memberships available on launch day, so don’t wait to sign up. With 3,100 of you waiting in line, memberships will go fast.

To clarify, signing up for the email list did not register you for Fraternitas. It simply expressed your interest in joining. To sign up, you will need to register on the Fraternitas website on launch day.

Launch Time

A number of you have asked exactly what time registrations will open on the 27th. That’s a good question, one I hadn’t thought to address before. I will be opening signups at 6 AM Central Standard Time.

Bonus Gifts

As a special thank you, our first 50 Fraternitas members will be receiving some special gifts: The beautiful and sturdy Catholic Gentleman one decade rosary, as well as some official buttons and stickers.

Plus, all members will receive a free copy of my e-book, Be Not Afraid.



Free one decade rosary and stickers… a $20 value. 

Monthly Cost

A good number of you have asked how much Fraternitas will cost. This is a great question! Fraternitas will come with a monthly membership fee of $19.99/month. This helps cover the cost of buying and shipping the book-of-the-month. There will also be an option to pay for a year in advance at a discounted rate of $220.

Fraternitas Website

The Fraternitas website can be accessed at There’s not much to see at the moment—it’s just a landing page—but it might not hurt to bookmark it for launch day.

That’s it for now. I can’t wait for the 27th, and I hope you’re looking forward to it too!

Sam Guzman

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  1. AvatarEd says

    Have you considered the option for people to become members at a reduced rate without the monthly book? I ask because there are probably people out there who already own a lot of books and might end up just getting shipped duplicates of the ones they own. Other people might want to be a part of this but they can’t afford $20 a month, but would be willing to join for a smaller cost. They could buy the books used or just get them free from their library.


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