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Repentance and the Religion of Beginning Again
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Attention and the Distraction Addiction

There are two ways to go through life: Mindfully or mindlessly. In the first instance, we pay attention. We see things and notice them in order to appreciate them. We hear things in order to understand them. We seek to know things not superficially but in their wholeness. We live in the present moment and experience the world with wonder,...

3 Reasons to Get Your Father a Catholic Gentleman Mug for Father’s Day

Men love coffee. Ever since the pope first blessed coffee for Catholic consumption, it has been part of the daily ritual of millions of men around the globe. It awakens, revivifies, and stimulates the intellect. It warms the body and fills the heart with gladness. It is a little bit like the elixir of life. Finding the right coffee to drink...

A Vow of Stability: A Call to Commitment in an Age of Choice

Recently, while traveling for business, I was tired after a long day and so began scrolling through the channels on the hotel television. Because there was next to nothing worth watching on the hundreds of channels available, I finally settled on a mildly interesting house hunting show. If you haven't seen this kind of show, the basic premise is that...

Wholeness, Happiness, and the Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

A friend recently remarked that it’s those that gather and control data that own the future.  I understand what he meant (I think), but, if we dig a bit, I suspect we would doubt that the data-controllers of the day, however intelligent they are, have what we would call wisdom. Education today is ordered toward participation in the global economy. ...

The People of the Cross: The New-Martyrs of Egypt

Yesterday, Palm Sunday, was the beginning of Holy Week. Worshippers of the ancient Coptic Orthodox Church in Tanta, Egypt were gathered together, palm branches in hand, to remember the Lord's entry into Jerusalem and the beginning of his Passion. Without warning, an explosion violently rocked the front row of the church, spraying the attending priest with blood. Deafening noise and dark...

Life’s Not Fair: Finding Joy by Accepting Things As They Are

One of the most pernicious lies of the modern world is that life is supposed to be easy and comfortable. There is even a sense in which moderns believe they are entitled to this comfort and ease---that it is some sort of fundamental human right. Many of us have absorbed this subtle thinking, even though we may not realize it. When trouble...

Repentance and Cleaning House

I am the father of three children four and under. It is always startling to me, though it shouldn’t be at this stage, how quickly things can spin out of control. A perfectly clean house that took a great deal of effort to tidy up can nearly instantly be destroyed by our children with hardly any effort at all. Cheerios...

5 Celtic Prayers and Blessings for St. Patrick’s Day

The Celtic Christian tradition has much to offer us living in the modern world. For one, the Celtic people and their descendants possessed an intuitive awareness of God's presence in all creation---an awareness we moderns have largely lost. From the waves crashing against the craggy Irish coast to the ever-present rain and wind, everything was a sign and manifestation of...

Cardinal Newman’s Simple Rule of Life

Blessed John Henry Newman was a Cardinal of the Catholic Church and one of the most famous English converts to the faith. While he was a distinguished man of letters, an erudite apologist, and an accomplished prelate, he was known most of all for his holiness of life, the result of which has been his recent beatification. Cardinal Newman was a...

Lent, Suffering, and the Death that Brings Life

Lent is here, and quite frequently the weather suits the sombre tone of the season. Ashen gray skies and the bare reaching arms of trees create an atmosphere that is at once stark and solemn. Yet this season is not entirely bleak or without hope. Warmer days replete with sunshine break up the gloom, and bird songs welcome the green buds...

#FultonFridays: There Is No Reason For Despair

This post is part of the ongoing #FultonFridays series. Many minds regard our modern world as hopeless. It is indeed like a vast and horrible Good Friday where everything divine seems gone down to defeat. The future never seemed so completely unpredictable as it does today. Mankind seems to be in a kind of widowhood, in which a harrowing sense...