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A Royal Priesthood: Salvation, Election and the Power of Mediation
Catholic Gentleman Stoneware Mugs are Now Available!
St. Joseph and a Lesson in Obedience
Fathers: The Best Catechesis is a Life Well Lived
A Little Church: 10 Tips to Strengthen Your Catholic Home

Depressed and Single at Christmas

I am happily writing this blog in a coffee shop in snowy Boulder, Colorado while my family hangs out and is slowly winding down their evening. This is the second year in a row that I am able to be home for Christmas and I am all too aware of how fortunate I am to talk to my parents face-to-face...

Advent at Clear Creek

This post was written on December 8th, the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. It is a part of an ongoing series about our move to rural Oklahoma to be near Clear Creek Abbey. Advent has come to Clear Creek. The weather, which had been unseasonably warm, has of late turned sharply cold. The rolling Ozark hills of Oklahoma’s Green Country,...

The Paradox of Francis: When We Need Fathers, We Get the Law

In a business class in high school I recall studying how factories try to figure out how to squeeze productivity out of workers.  In one case they took a group of women apart from the rest, gave them a specific widget-making task, and then had them do it over and over again with different work schedules.  They tried all kinds...

The Catholic Gentleman’s Christmas Gift Guide 2016 Edition

Christmas is coming, and many of your are looking for the perfect gift for the Catholic man in your life. Yet, we men can be hard to buy for sometimes! Don't worry, I'm here to help. Here's 12 gift ideas that any man will love. The Catholic Gentleman Rosary This manly rosary features heavy, gunmetal steel beads, military grade paracord, and...

The Prophet of Beaconsfield: Chesterton Predicted a Battle in the Church

G.K. Chesterton had an uncanny gift for prophecy. It wasn't mystical necessarily. I don't believe he ever saw visions of the future like the prophets of the Old Testament. But his keen intellect allowed him to see where popular fashions and ideas would inevitably lead if uncorrected, and he was almost always right. One excellent example of his gift of...

Praise, Thanksgiving, and the Priesthood of All Believers

Though it has been obscured during different ages of her life, the Church has taught the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers since the very beginning. Our baptism immerses us into the fullness of the life of Christ, granting us participation in his threefold role of prophet, priest, and king. Scripture goes so far as to call Christians a "royal...

Announcing the NEW Catholic Gentleman Rosary!

I've been selling Catholic Gentleman rosaries for some time now, but I received reports from some of you that rosaries were breaking or growing discolored quickly. In my quest to bring you the toughest, most beautiful rosary available, I knew there was room for improvement. That's why I'm excited to announce a new partnership with Cordbands, makers of some of the...

Love Your (Political) Enemies

Fascist. Snowflake. Liberal weenie. Nazi. Racist, xenophobic, bigot. Idiot. Moron. Ignorant fool. These are just a few of the tamer insults hurled violently at others online and in person during the past two years of the election process. And since the election itself, things have only gotten exponentially worse. It's no exaggeration to say that the nation is as divided...

Patience and Perfection

As many of you know, we recently moved. Moving is hard work, and unpacking is only the beginning. After all of your belongings are unpacked, you must begin the arduous process of making the home your own. Finding a place for everything, painting, hanging pictures, arranging furniture, fixing and perhaps even building. It can take a very long time. The problem...

Merciful Justice: Finding Hope in God’s Most Feared Attribute

Of all the attributes of God, the one we find the most distasteful and even terrifying is his justice. The idea that God is a consuming fire and a fearsome judge is more than a bit unsettling. We are sinners, and thus prefer the thought of God's infinite mercy. But I would propose that God's justice is one of the...

Two Weeks at Clear Creek

This post is a follow up on our move to be near Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma. We are finally here. After an exhausting, multi-stage move that lasted over a week, we arrived at our new home here in Hulbert, Oklahoma two weeks ago today. It's been a joyful couple of weeks, filled with the happiness, excitement, and busyness that comes...

Praying the Rosary

The post is part of the ongoing #FultonFridays series. From the earliest days, the Church asked its faithful to recite the one hundred and fifty Psalms of David. This custom still prevails among priests, who recite some of these Psalms every day. But it was not easy for anyone to memorize the one hundred and fifty Psalms. Then, too, before...