Make Catholicism Weird Again: On Consumerism and Authentic Faith
A War for the Home: St. Charbel’s Powerful Call to Defend the Family
Be a Man: St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Rule of Life
On Grilling and the Love of God
5 Ways to Live Like a Monk (Without Actually Being One)
All Roads Lead to Rome: 10 Reasons to Become Catholic
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Wickedness in High Places

The world is sick with sin. And not just the world, but the Church. The latest revelations about the depth and degree of the rot and moral corruption within the priesthood and the hierarchy, reaching all the way to the highest echelons of power, are nothing less than nauseating. The frightening truth is, we likely don't know the half of...

Becoming One: Marriage as Sanctification

Genesis 2:24 tells us: “…[A] man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh.” There are echoes of this in the Gospels when our Blessed Lord reiterates this to the Pharisees who have hardened hearts and are testing Him. The phrase that I’d highlight and to delve deeper into is become one....

Can I Live Without The Internet For A Month? I’m About To Find Out.

Since I was sixteen, nearly two decades ago, I have gone online almost every day. Starting August 2, for one month, I’m going off. No email, no social media, no keyboards, no podcasts. No audio books, no video memes, no texts. Not a single smiley-face emoticon. Nothing. Smart phone powered down and stuck deep in a drawer. How is that...

Fear: The Root of Many Faults

Many of our faults and failings are more complex than we at first realize. Our patterns of behavior are rarely random, and surface sins are often merely symptomatic of deeper, more subtle wounds in our souls. Fear is a prominent example of a deeper wound, for fear, perhaps second only to pride, is the cause of many of our faults...

You Can’t Buy Holiness

I don't have a book problem, I tell my wife, I have a bookshelf problem. Our home is overflowing with books on every conceivable topic, with nearly every bookshelf double stacked. Yet, despite this superabundance of tomes, my wishlist remains filled with hundreds more books I would like to buy in the future. No matter how many I seem to...

How Irish Monks Saved the World (From the Dark Side)

Modern historian and commentator Kenneth Clark said in his popular BBC show Civilization, “Western Christianity survived by clinging to places like Skellig Michael, a pinnacle of rock [seven] miles from the Irish coast, rising seven hundred feet out of the sea.” It’s an intriguing claim, crediting the solitary monastery on Skellig Michael with a role in the survival of Western Christianity. Author...

Americans: Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation

"Let us always keep before our eyes the fact that here on earth we are on a battlefield and that in paradise we shall receive the crown of victory.” – Padre Pio All great saints and holy teachers of the faith testify that the spiritual life is a continual warfare against three enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil. In...

Neo-Paganism and Catholic Mystery

I recently visited the website of a popular company that sells products like deodorant and toothpaste with natural ingredients. Curious to learn more about the business, I visited their blog which was purportedly about the latest trends in health and wellness. What greeted me was not what I expected. Rather than tips on exercise or healthy eating, the blog featured...

Works, Faith, and the Paradox of Grace

One of the most paradoxical aspects of the spiritual life is the tension between human effort and Divine generosity. That is, the question of whether we are saved by what we do or by what God does. Confusion arises because we are quite clearly told in scripture that we must do certain things. We must forgive or we will not be forgiven....

You are Invited to The Idea of a Village Conference 2018

As many of you readers know, my family and I moved some time ago to live in the shadow Clear Creek Abbey, a traditional Benedictine Abbey in the Ozark hills of Oklahoma. We were in search of a different way of life---a life of simplicity and contact with the earth, anchored by the ora et labora of the Abbey's monks. We are...

7 Lessons in Evangelization from Jordan Peterson

Recently, an unlikely thinker has exploded on the world stage. His name is Jordan Peterson. A Canadian clinical psychologist and professor, he is an unlikely candidate for a global intellectual superstar. Yet, his YouTube channel has over a million subscribers, his recent book has risen to a global bestseller, and his current lecture tour is selling out theaters and auditoriums...

The Future of the Church

The late 1960s were a time of social, political, and religious upheaval. Revolution was in the air and threatening all the most time-honored traditions and institutions. Then, as now, many were uncertain about the future of the Church. How could the Catholic faith hope to survive in an increasingly secularized world? What would the future of the Church look like?...