Fear: The Root of Many Faults
You Can’t Buy Holiness
How Irish Monks Saved the World (From the Dark Side)
Americans: Join Us in Prayer for Our Nation
Neo-Paganism and Catholic Mystery
Works, Faith, and the Paradox of Grace
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Are Christians called to win?

By the freeway in Tulsa, there is a megachurch with an attention grabbing name. Their main campus is sprawling, and they have more than one. Their services are tailored to modern tastes, featuring heart-pumping music, colorful strobe lights, and positive sermons. Their motto? "Help people win." Their website proudly encourages visitors to "Win every day," a marketing slogan reminiscent of...

The Passion of the Church

This post is part of the ongoing #FultonFridays series. The Church, then, must have her passion days even as Christ, and must be condemned in three languages, in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek, in the cultures of Jerusalem, Rome, and Athens, in the name of the good, the true, and the beautiful. Now as then the representatives of these three cultures pass...

The Way of Peace: Finding Rest in an Anxious World

The world is in turmoil. Everywhere, people cry, "peace, peace." But there is no peace. Our hearts are filled with anger, envy, violence, and anxiety. Every day, a tumultuous and passion-filled torrent of words and emotions gushes forth on the internet and across cable news networks. We long for rest, for tranquility, but cannot find it anywhere. In their desperation,...

How to Treat a Lady: Reclaiming Manners Between Men and Women

…the greatest man would justly be reckoned a brute if he were not civil to the meanest woman.” Martine’s Handbook (1866) The crisis today in the relationships of men and women is multi-faceted. The general lack of manners in their interaction is both an indication and a cause of the crisis. Women are to be reverenced, always and just because they are...

Champions of the Rosary: An Interview with Fr. Donald Calloway

The darkness grows in the world on a daily basis. Wars and rumors of wars. Political upheavals. Terrorism. Our Christian brethren martyred at an incredible rate. It is easy to become discouraged, but that is the one thing we must not do. Instead, we must pray. And there is no better prayer to pray in these times of anxiety and fear than...

The Faith of a Fighter: An Interview with MMA Legend Bas Rutten

For MMA fans, Bas Rutten needs no introduction. But for those who may not be familiar with the sport, suffice it to say that he is one of the most legendary fighters in the game, known for his devastating strikes, aggressive and versatile style, and long string of victories---not to mention his showmanship and charisma. Recently inducted into the UFC...

A Plunge Into the Depths: The Mad Humility of Christmas

The octave of Christmas isn't over, so I am sharing this brief meditation on the humility of Christ our Lord. The glory of Christmas, the very splendor of this holy feast, lies in the very fact that it is a great festival of humility. It is the plunging of divinity into the depths. The emptying of the ineffable God---beyond all speech,...

5 Reasons to Pray the Rosary Every Day in 2017

The new year is right around the corner, and as it approaches, it is natural to look back at months past and think of resolutions that can improve our lives. While eating healthier, getting up earlier,  exercising, and similar commitments are all good and commendable, I want to recommend one resolution you will never regret: praying a daily rosary. We all...

Depressed and Single at Christmas

I am happily writing this blog in a coffee shop in snowy Boulder, Colorado while my family hangs out and is slowly winding down their evening. This is the second year in a row that I am able to be home for Christmas and I am all too aware of how fortunate I am to talk to my parents face-to-face...

Advent at Clear Creek

This post was written on December 8th, the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. It is a part of an ongoing series about our move to rural Oklahoma to be near Clear Creek Abbey. Advent has come to Clear Creek. The weather, which had been unseasonably warm, has of late turned sharply cold. The rolling Ozark hills of Oklahoma’s Green Country,...

The Paradox of Francis: When We Need Fathers, We Get the Law

In a business class in high school I recall studying how factories try to figure out how to squeeze productivity out of workers.  In one case they took a group of women apart from the rest, gave them a specific widget-making task, and then had them do it over and over again with different work schedules.  They tried all kinds...