7 Ways Men Can Love Christ in the Eucharist

June 29, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss how men can embrace, deepen their commitment, and constantly grow in love with Christ in the Eucharist. We touch on seven truths that help men better accept this reality and why loving Christ in the Eucharist is the highest pursuit that men can set forth as members of the Church Militant.

The Catholic Life of a Professional Baseball Player

June 22, 2022
Today we are joined by a professional baseball player and Catholic gentleman, Michael Krauza. We cover such topics as setbacks in life, being cut from his high school team twice, devotion to Our Lady, and living for God's will in all that we do. Michael experienced a strong conversion in college and now openly talks to and about Our Lady while on and off the mound.

The Catholic Man Rejects Consumption

June 15, 2022
Today we discuss how the Catholic man must live simply. It is by rejecting consumerism and by turning away from more stuff that we open ourselves up to actually serve God's will in our lives. Our earthly possessions call to us, what conversations are we allowing them to have with us? We go into statistics, social examples, and truths about how living simply is necessary for our service to God and others.

7 Strategies to Overcome any Obstacle in Life (w/ Jonathan Doyle)

June 8, 2022
Today we discuss how to be resilient in life as well as key ways to overcome laziness and acedia. Renowned motivational speaker, Jonathan Doyle, from Australia, joins us to talk about his life as a peak performance athlete and motivational life coach, as well as how to avoid letting sloth, laziness, or suffering ruin our lives. Learn how to overcome your weaknesses and be a powerful witness to the world.

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7 Strategies to Have an Unbreakable Marriage

June 1, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss how the world gets marriage wrong and why it rejects the true sacramentality of marriage. We discuss the difficulty of living out the vocation of marriage and we go into 7 practices that need to happen on a regular basis to keep your marriage strong, holy, and constantly filled with love. Learn and be a powerful witness to the world.

Rediscovering Catholic Masculine Virtue

May 31, 2022
In our attempt to revitalize masculinity in contemporary, secular society, there is an enduring threat. In trying to rediscover a robust, Catholic understanding of manliness, we might oversimplify it or flatten it out. We tend to emphasize aspects of masculinity that appeal to us personally, and latch on to cultural trends that correspond with our […]

Does God Want You to be Successful

May 25, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss the dignity of work and how to balance the desire for career advancement with your faith. We also give great advice on how to get ahead in your career and discern changing your job. Pride, power, and pleasure are the ideals held by society with work, but it is by pursuing these ideals that we instead find frustration, anxiety, and unhappiness.

From Desk Job Burnout to the Life of a Blacksmith

May 18, 2022
Today Sam and John discuss desk job burnout, depression, knife making, Poland and Ukraine, and finding God's will at work with award-winning blacksmith Leszek Sikon. Leszek's journey to the life of blacksmithing is filled with acceptance and growing in unity with God's will. We also spend time talking about knives and the artistry behind wielding the forge.

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