Mail carrier Clifford Bodine, Michigan, 1955

Feel free to say hello using the form below or by sending snail mail to PO Box 644, Hulbert OK 74441.

NOTE: I do read all emails, but due to the volume of email received, I cannot reply to everyone. Before writing, please read the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it taking you so long to respond to my email?

I have a full time job, a family, and other personal commitments. The Catholic Gentleman is run in my spare time, which is in short supply. While I appreciate hearing from readers, it is difficult for me to respond to every message. If I do respond, it may take a while. Please write, but please be patient and understanding as well!

2. May I reprint one of your articles in my bulletin, magazine, newsletter, etc.?

Yes, you can reprint my articles. Simply provide attribution in the form of an author name, link back, or if it is a print publication, the address of the website.

3. Can you write an article for my blog or magazine?

Unfortunately, no, but you can reprint my articles (see question 1).

4. Will you publish the blog post I wrote?

I am always open to reviewing guest submissions, but I can’t promise anything until I’ve seen your article. Send completed articles to for consideration.

5. Do you pay for published submissions?

No, not at this time.

6. Is there a blog like this for women?

The Catholic Lady is in the works. Stay tuned!

7. Can you promote my _______?

There are many worthy apostolates, projects, and blogs out there, and I would love to promote them. However, I cannot possibly promote everyone, so as not to be in an unfair position of promoting some and leaving others out, it is my policy is not to promote other projects except in very rare cases.

8. I am from another country. Can I translate your blogs into my language and share them with others? 

Yes, please do!

9. Can you tell me how to start a successful blog? 

There isn’t a simple formula. But my advice is, be consistent, work hard, and only write about something you are passionate about. Blogging is hard work, and if you aren’t excited about your topic, you won’t be able to sustain it. Above all, pray and give your efforts to Jesus and Mary. They will do the rest.

10. Will you pray for me? 

Yes, I will always pray for your requests even if I cannot respond to your email.

11. Do you accept advertisements? 

Yes. Contact me for details.