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The Gentleman’s List (11-18-2013)

Hello, gents, and welcome to the first Gentleman's List. The goal of the List is to highlight great blogs, apostolates, religious orders, men's organizations, and more from around the world. If you'd like to submit your project, click here. I look forward to hearing from you. In Jesus and Mary, Sam Guzman Editor The Catholic Gentleman Contents Religious Orders Apostolates Blogs Religious Orders...

Introducing The Gentleman’s List

Since beginning this blog, I have received countless requests to promote various apostolates, Facebook pages, news articles, books, and causes. Many of these are excellent and worthy projects, but due to the volume I receive, I can't possibly share them all. To allow you to promote your projects while not overloading readers with constant promotions, I am launching a weekly post I am...

Simplicity in Devotion

When I first converted to Catholicism, I was overwhelmed by the wealth of devotions Catholics practiced. There was devotion to the five wounds of Christ, the brown scapular, the green scapular, the Divine Mercy chaplet, devotion to the Holy Face, the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Rosary, devotion to the Sacred Heart, devotion to the seven sorrows of...

Gentleman Saint: St. Francis Borgia

Borgia---the name has a ring of infamy. Historically, the Borgia family is associated with crime, promiscuity, papal corruption, and power-mongering, and this sad legacy is remembered to this day. But while the popular imagination fixates on the sins of the Borgia family, there is a great saint who also bears the name of Borgia---a man who redeemed his family name....

The Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony

The following post is part of a guest series by Jason Liske of Ascending Mount Carmel. Jason is also a freelance writer and social media contributor at Monkrock. You can read more about him here. The following post is used with permission. "We  overcome after a fashion, perhaps, our serious and dangerous vices, but  there it stops. The small desires we freely...

Combat Rosary Giveaway Winners

Happy All Saints Day! A couple of weeks ago, I announced a giveaway for the first time. The response was great, and hundreds of you signed up to win one of three manly combat rosaries. Thank you to every one who entered and spread the word! Now, to announce the winners (drumroll please.) The three, randomly selected winners are: Patrick W. from...

The Official Catholic Beer Blessing

One of the great things about being Catholic is that the Church has quite literally thought of everything at some point or another. Some inventive cleric even thought to include a beer blessing in the Rituale Romanum (my parish also has an annual wine blessing). Creation is good. Beer is good. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. V. Our help...

The Mighty Breastplate of St. Patrick

St. Patrick is one of the most well-known saints in Christendom, and he left an indelible stamp on the Church despite the fact that we know very little about his life. In addition to being the missionary who almost single handedly converted Ireland, and being the man who permanently ridded the Emerald Isle of snakes, St. Patrick also happens to be the author of what is perhaps the...

How to Bless Your Children

"You may not be rich; you may be unable to bequeath any great possessions to your children; but one thing you can give them; the heritage of your blessing. And it is better to be blessed than to be rich." St. Ambrose Hey Dad, did you know you are priest of your home? That's right, Our Lord ordained us men as heads...

Spiritual Weapons: The Sign of the Cross

There is nothing so natural to Catholics as making the sign of the cross. We cross ourselves before and after we pray; we cross ourselves in the liturgy of the mass; we make the sign of the cross when we bless ourselves with holy water. Yet, while we often make this sign unthinkingly, it is one of the most powerful...

The Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

The following post is part of a guest series by Jason Liske of Ascending Mount Carmel. Jason is also a freelance writer and social media contributor at Monkrock. You can read more about him here. The following post is used with permission. The sin of envy is a precursor to wrath, much more subtle than its counterpart, and able to slip past...

Let’s Talk About Porn

Let's talk about porn. I know it it's an uncomfortable subject, but ignoring it will do no good. The fact is, pornography addiction is a massive and growing problem---especially for men. If you don't believe me, here are some shocking statistics: 12% of websites online are pornographic Every second, over 28,000 people are looking at porn 40 million Americans are...