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A new addition!

Praised be Jesus Christ! My wife and I welcomed our second child---a beautiful, healthy baby boy---into the world this morning. His name is Maximilian Kolbe Guzman after one of our favorite saints. We are tired, but we couldn't be happier! This little guy weighed in at 7lbs, 4oz. and he was born at home. My wife is a hero. Thank...

The Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

The following post is part of a guest series by Jason Liske of Ascending Mount Carmel. Jason is also a freelance writer and social media contributor at Monkrock. You can read more about him here. The following post is used with permission. The seven deadly sins, as we now know them, can be thought of as seven of the most...

Manly Movie Moment: Becket Excommunicates Lord Gilbert

St. Thomas Becket was a man in search of honor. Throughout his early life, he was consumed by ambition and was a consummate politician. He was best friends with king Henry II of England, and his political skill strengthened the king's reign immensely. But when king Henry appointed St. Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury for his own political purposes, Becket became...

The Cardinal Virtues: Temperance

When I think about it, it still boggles my mind that the United States of America once passed a constitutional amendment outlawing alcohol. The movement that made this happen was composed of a bunch of fusty tee-totaling ladies that believed alcohol to be one of the greatest evils known to man. Most unfortunately, they mislabeled themselves the "Temperance" movement, when...

Gentleman Saint: St. Edmund Campion

During the reformation in England, the Church was fiercely persecuted, and many faithful Catholics gave their lives for the faith. Some were mothers, others were priests, others statesmen. But they were all so convinced that the Catholic faith was true that they chose death rather than renounce it. I want to make it clear that these courageous men and women...

Spiritual Weapons: The Red Scapular

"He who desires to go on advancing from virtue to virtue, from grace to grace, should meditate continually on the Passion of Jesus." - St. Bonaventure Chances are you've heard of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, but have you heard of the red Scapular of the Passion? I didn't think so. While this scapular is lesser...

International Buy a Priest a Beer Day!

Did you know that this coming Monday, September 9, is International Buy a Priest a Beer Day? On this festive day, faithful Catholics all over the world take their priests out for a beer and get to know them better. It's a beautiful Catholic tradition that goes back to the time of St. Hopswald of Aleyard, the first man to...

Masculinity and the Liturgy

Today, I want to broach a controversial topic, knowing full well that I may cause a ruckus. I want to talk about masculinity and the liturgy. (Fair warning: This is going to be long.) I will start with a few caveats. First, I do not believe the liturgy should ever be a controversial issue. It shouldn't be a matter of...

The Cardinal Virtues: Fortitude

This post is part of a series on the four Cardinal Virtues. For the other posts in the series, click here.  At some point or another, we all encounter things in life that cause us to be afraid.  Whether it's sudden unemployment, making a life-altering choice, a sudden illness, or the prospect of physical pain, fear is a fact of life in...

Gentleman Saint: St. Louis IX, King of France

One of the most fascinating things about the saints is how different they are. Some were wealthy nobleman, others were poor peasants, others were doctors, lawyers, or soldiers. There is a saint from almost every state in life. The one thing they all have in common is holiness---an intense love for God that inspired great words and deeds. Today's gentleman...

Spiritual Weapons: 3 Hail Marys for Purity

"For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty to God unto the pulling down of fortifications..." St. Paul Every day, we face various temptations to sin. These temptations take many forms. Some of us struggle with an explosive temper, others with selfishness, others...

Go to Confession!

"If there is a heavenly idea in the Catholic Church, surely, next after the Blessed Sacrament, Confession is such."  -Blessed John Henry Newman Confession is one of my favorite sacraments, and I try to go as often as I can. But this wasn't always the case. I am a convert, and I still remember the awkwardness of my first confession. I...